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Director's chair cows Canada Thailand Take Your Seat


Director's chair cows Canada Thailand Take Your Seat



With equal purpose, bovines in both countries amble toward our chair.

A shared curiosity connects us all.

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9,000 photographs, countless hikes, flights, boats, and more than a few tuk-tuks later, Take Your Seat, together explores the incredible beauty of Canada and Thailand

and then connects them in sometimes unexpected ways.

Despite the exotic and the surprising, it turns out we’re not so different after all.

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A red and white director’s chair serves as a symbol of both our joy and responsibility

to take care of our planet, ourselves, and each other.


One chair journeyed throughout Canada and Thailand.

One chair now unites us all.

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Director's chair photography Canada Thailand Take Your Seat

A myriad of activity captures our attention in Toronto and Bangkok.

The beauty of the everyday unfolds in front of our lens. 
People go about their lives unaware that they are part of the light of humanity that illuminates us all.  Imagine if we could always see the light we bring into our world?

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Soccer pitch or ring, both Rajadamnern Stadium and BMO Field patiently await their fans.

Whether Canada or Thailand,

the best seat in any house is yours.

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Twin forests in Trang and British Columbia welcome us in a shared voice that speaks softly to our camera. Thousands of kilometres apart, our chair transcends geography.

Nature embraces us alike on both continents.

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Regardless of which deity or deities we worship, a communal belief in something beyond ourselves uplifts us all.

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What connects us to a city?

Bangkok and Toronto share an abundance of answers.

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Together pairs-0234.jpg

Towering over all? 

An unwavering conviction that here,

anything is possible.

Together pairs-2189.jpg

Turquoise waters caress a rocky shoreline in Georgian Bay and the Andaman Sea, 

unaware of geography. Surprising in one, expected in another,

the same sun reflects a memorable colour in both countries.

The Yukon River flows an emerald green. Surat Thani’s Khao Sok Lake shares both colour and wonder.

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Together pairs-5313.jpg

We are carried along a current of possibilities, connected to the land and to each other.

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Together pairs-5190.jpg



Wonder pairs Trang’s jungle peaks

with Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

Serenity marries tropical water with 

a frozen lake. Nature unexpectedly

shares a unified and lasting impression.

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We sincerely hope that the photographs and stories shared here have opened your eyes and your heart to the wonders of Canada and Thailand. 

Ambassadors and boatmen alike brought our chair’s journey to life.

To each of you we say, Thank you! Khop khun khrap! Merci beaucoup!

All languages combined only begin to express our gratitude.

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We are all of one people and one planet. It is up to each of us to celebrate, respect, and appreciate those around us and this world we are so privileged to call home.

In this wonderful human spirit then, embraced by both Thais and Canadians alike,

we invite you to take your seat. 


We hope you will join us at the Take Your Seat, together exhibition:

Our chair surfs a human wave that floods the streets of Bangkok and Toronto to usher in the new year.
In this moment, the past is washed away. Happy New Year! Sawasdee pi mai! Bonne année! 
In any language, sheer joy speaks ever so loudly!

IconLuxe Gallery at IconSiam

 ไอคอนลักซ์แกลอรี่ ภายในห้างสรรพสินค้าไอคอนสยาม


299 Charoen Nakhon Rd, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San,

Bangkok 10600, Thailand

Coming in 2022

...and enjoy the Take Your Seat, together book!

Download a complete PDF version

of the Take Your Seat, together book

Take Your Seat, together is presented in partnership with

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Randy is a Film graduate from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He has worked for multinational advertising agencies in Canada and abroad including Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, BBDO, and Scali McCabe Sloves on global brands like Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Carlsberg AS, and Kraft Foods. 

His studies in Commercial Art and Advertising have coupled with his love of photography to create iconic images that not only stand out in the world of visual arts, but also share stories with audiences on an emotive, personal level. His photographs and stories have been shown at internationally known galleries, airports, Embassies, and even with the Toronto Symphony.

Spencer earned his degree in Sustainable International Business from Whittier College in Los Angeles, California. Having lived and worked in Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Montréal, his global perspective on preserving our planet shines in his photographs and digital work.


Whether on a mountain top in Alberta or on the shores of the Andaman, Take Your Seat's images are informed by his love of planet and photographer's ability to capture that love. Large scale murals and digital walls, gallery prints, and online content, all reflect Spencer's dedication to his craft.


Together, this father and son team have given a chair a voice; one that speaks a universal language of unity, responsibility, and individual power that is being shared with audiences around the world.